Percept digitICE executes a Virtual ‘Havells Grihalaxmi’ Engagement Program

Percept ICE, the Special Projects, Events and Experiential Marketing Domain Company of Percept Limited, conceptualized and executed the Virtual Havells Grihalaxmi Engagement program on 8 March 2021. Held on International Women’s Day 2021, the program was entitled ‘Udaan’ as a special ode to the women of the Havells family. The Virtual session received over 2000 registrations and over 700 attendees were present from all across India during the course of the live digital show.

The ‘Grihalakshmi scheme’ rolled out by Havells in 2015 is applicable to the company’s thousands of Dealers pan India. The objective of the program is to involve and empower the wives of the dealers who are educated and desirous of contributing to the business in some way. As part of the Grihalaxmi IP, Havells has continuously held a series of educational, motivating engagement sessions with spouses of the dealers. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and associated on-ground event restrictions pan India, the Havells Grihalaxmi event seamlessly transferred into the Digital space this year to ensure continuity of the program.

The Havells Grihalaxmi Engagement Program 2021 was conceptualized, designed and executed by Percept digitICE, the Full-Service Digital, Virtual and Hybrid Experiential Marketing & Events Unit of Percept ICE. Percept digitICE’s scope of work encompassed creating and managing the holistic Virtual Module for the Havells Grihalaxmi program, creating pre-event buzz via multiple digital platforms to drive awareness and registrations, and designing an entire innovative capsule dedicated to Nutrition and Fitness. World renowned Nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar served as a Guest Speaker at the program. An interesting feature included a Live Chat Segment created for the leading ladies of the Havells Family. The online event also included live contests where Winners received a personalized autographed book of Rujuta Diwekar. The entire program was a perfect blend of pre-recorded interviews, live speakers from the Havells Group, interactive chat sessions and a live Emcee integrating all these elements seamlessly on a specially designed Virtual stage into an immersive, holistic and impactful program.

Mukesh Jain, AVP — Marketing Communication, Havells India said, “The Havells Grihalaxmi program was instituted with an aim to recognize and honour women who have strived assiduously in these challenging times, balancing both home and career with such astute perfection. Given the safety protocols in place we could not do an in-person ceremony; but it was vital that we keep this initiative going and felicitate the Havells ladies. The successful live-stream of the 2021 Grihalaxmi event endorsed our commitment to motivating, recognising and celebrating the dedication and efforts of our female fraternity. Percept ICE pulled off a perfect Virtual event that communicated our promise to recognizing excellence, driving new learnings along with facilitating personal connects, bonds and conversations on the back of innovative technology.”

Said Nazneen Karimi, President — Experiential Marketing, Percept One, “The Havells Grihalaxmi Engagement program has grown over the past 6 years to become one of the most exciting events from the Havells Group. Given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and associated on-ground event restrictions we had to swiftly conceptualize a Virtual event that would not only capture the essence of the Grihalaxmi initiative but also engage, entertain, motivate and engross all the leading ladies of the Havells Family in the digital space. Over the past year Percept digitICE has actively invested in the best of global Technology and employed out-of-the-box creativity across all our digital events to ensure that all our clients continued engaging with their Stakeholders effortlessly in the Digital, Virtual and Hybrid space.”

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